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Revolver Cover Photos

Original Artwork

May 19th, 1966 
(Back Cover)

September 19th, 1964 
(Reference for John's face)

(Reference for Paul's face)

(Reference for George's face)

(Reference for Ringo's face)

July 1st, 1963

Celling Photo (original below)

(???) August 19th, 1963 (???)

September 12th, 1963 
(George's eyes and lips)

Paddy, Klaus & Gibson 
(Klaus' Head)

Unknown Origin (taken on a boat circ. 1964)

June 16th, 1965 (LOOKING FOR ORIGINAL!!)

Another photo from that day
Both taken by Robert Freeman, Weybridge, June 16th, 1965

Interested in finding missing dates and photos?
Maybe you have some information or clues about these?
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